Live the electric life. Get started here if you are shopping for an electric vehicle, have recently purchased one, or are just looking for more information.

Our EV 101 page introduces the electric driving experience, types of electric vehicles, tips for shopping, and answers to frequently asked questions.

Owning and driving an electric vehicle

Electric vehicles are going mainstream in BC. Chances are, you already know someone who drives one. EV owners all over the province have discovered that they really make sense in BC. We’ve collected the must know info about going electric here as Electric Vehicles 101, which you will probably want to follow up with Charging 101 . If you don’t find what you’re looking for, send us an email at .

A new and better driving experience

Electric cars are fun to drive! All electric vehicles have “instant torque” and smooth acceleration because they don’t need to “rev up” or shift gears, make for a refreshing and exhilarating ride. Electric motors are very powerful, despite their compact size. For example:

  • The common Tesla Model 3 SR+ (the cheapest one) can accelerate from 0-100km/h in just 5.6 seconds;
  • The ordinary Hyundai Kona EV has 150 kW (201 HP) of power, and generates 394 Nm (291 lb-ft) of torque;
  • Toyota’s RAV4 Prime, a plug-in, is the fastest RAV4 ever, and the second fastest vehicle Toyota makes.

Spend less on driving

An electric vehicle can help you save on both fuel and maintenance costs. When charging at home (where most charging happens), you can expect an electricity cost of $2-4 for every 100km you drive. That’s way less expensive than gas! If you have a long daily commute , you should seriously be looking at an electric vehicle. The more you need to drive, the bigger an impact these savings will make.

Better for our environment

Electric vehicles are super efficient, plus they don’t idle and they use regenerative braking to actually make electricity when they slow down or descend a hill.

Switching to an electric vehicle comes with big benefits to the environment, especially in BC, where most our electricity comes from hydro. Here, the electricity to power an electric vehicle will produce 99% fewer emissions than the exhaust of a gas vehicle.

Getting where you’re going

Electric cars can go the distance. BC drivers are using them to commute and take road trips all over the province. Most electric cars have a range of 300-600km per charge (For reference: most of us drive an average of 20km a day ).

Most charging occurs at home, but BC also has a rapidly growing network of public charging stations with over 2,000 stations, including well over 100 fast charging stations.

Bring on winter.

BC drivers have been using electric vehicles in winter conditions all over the province. Electric vehicles have some clear advantages when it comes to winter driving. An electric motor doesn’t need to push cold engine oil, so it won’t struggle to “turn over” in freezing temperatures. You can also preheat your electric vehicle (or keep it warm during a short stop) without wasteful idling. While electric vehicles handle really well, some even have multiple motors to provide advanced AWD.

Types and variety of electric vehicles

Electric vehicles are going mainstream in BC. Auto makers are developing more variety of electric vehicles, from commuter cars to trucks and vans.

Electric Vehicles Available in BC

Emotive produces a booklet of electric vehicles that you can buy in BC. Take a look at the growing variety of EVs available.

Want to order print versions of this booklet to share in your community? Email

Shopping for an electric vehicle

BC’s Zero Emissions-Vehicle Act requires more new vehicles to be zero-emission, which means that the number of certified electric vehicle dealerships is growing and manufacturers are designing models for all different types of lifestyles, including trucks and SUVs. The future is very electric.

Shopping for an EV is much like searching for a regular car. Make sure you’re doing your homework and finding the vehicle that is right for you. There are both government and private industry incentives for buying vehicles and installing home charging stations. See what’s currently available on our incentives page .

Frequently Asked Questions

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