A provincial initiative for the deployment of EV charging infrastructure across BC

In April 2012, the Province of BC’s Clean Energy Vehicle (CEV) Program announced a $2.7 million Community Charging Infrastructure (CCI) Fund to support a province-wide network of public, Level 2 (240 volt) electric vehicle charging stations in 2012-2013.  The goal was to support charging stations serving members of the public or fleets, with participation of municipalities, regional governments, First Nations communities, BC businesses and other organizations. This charging infrastructure was an important step in offering drivers options away from home.

The CCI Fund provided funding incentives to communities and businesses through the  Charging Stations Incentive  and  Planning Incentive . The CCI Fund was managed, promoted and administered by the Fraser Basin Council .

A total of 127 “champion” organizations participated in the program, resulting in 456 charging stations being installed across the province. In addition, a parallel program from the City of Vancouver (Charge and Go Vancouver) successfully resulted in over 90 Level 2 stations throughout the city, thanks to support from the City of Vancouver, the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, BC Hydro, and both federal and provincial governments. Together, the programs resulted in 550 Level 2 charging stations in BC, for public and fleet use.

See where the stations are located:

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