Plug_In_BC_EV_Suitability_Modelling_Project_cov Last February, the Fraser Basin Council and FleetCarma completed an innovative electric vehicle (EV) assessment program with nine fleet operators in B.C. The purpose of the program was to help fleets make the business and environmental case for electric vehicles, and determine whether they can be cost-effectively integrated into specific fleet needs and duty cycles.

The program involved data logging existing gas units, and predictive modeling to match fleet requirements with the capabilities and recommended uses of various electric vehicles.

The nine participants represented a wide-variety of fleet operators including large, medium, and small municipal fleets, airport, transit and harbour authorities, a small business and a university campus.

Although the results varied considerably from one application to the next, an electric vehicle would have been capable of meeting the range of 94% of all the vehicles that were logged.  If the fleet operators replaced their gas units with an EV, the assessment showed an average savings of $15,968 per vehicle over a 7-year service life, while reductions in GHG emissions would be 95%.

See the White Paper for a description of the program, and results.

See the Presentation to hear the coordinators describe the program.


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